Why not give someone MEMBERSHIP this Christmas? Annual subscription will last til April 2024!

A good turnout of local volunteers for the relaunch of a Jumbo to start the season.

The use of our boats is limited to the membership but the good news is that this only costs £30 per annum and is open to absolutely everyone. No previous experience is required.

To join us, please complete our MEMBERSHIP FORM. Join now and you won’t have to renew until April 2024! There are several payment options. However, we’d much prefer you to set up a standing order via internet banking if possible.

COVID 19. Despite the obvious difficulties, we have continued to provide a sailing experience for those of our members able to reach us since the outbreak, even welcoming several new sailing members into the fold. Covid restrictions have highlighted just how beneficial our activities are for mental wellbeing. Our boats have continued to grace the harbour and enrich the St.Ives experience for residents and visitors alike. We are fortunate in this respect, for many similar sailing organisations have found themselves effectively shut down.

But there’s no denying: Covid 19 has seriously affected our income and our ability to fundraise whilst our annual expenses remain unaffected. Without your support our future will be unsustainable. Please give what you can to HELP US KEEP THE JUMBOS SAILING