Gallery of activities

Scully Racing – Course à la Godille

Having revived the technique of ‘scullying’, and being in possession of two identical traditional punts…Scully Racing inevitably followed. In the interests of maximum inclusivity, we opted for a relay race between two teams of any size. This requires a soft landing for the frantic swapping of crew members as the punt is turned and thrust back into the race. The resulting mayhem (see below) has ensured that this contribution to maritime recreation has become a popular spectator sport. In 2014 we took our punts and madness to the Sea Salts and Sail Festival at Mousehole and stole the show. The Cornish v. Breton Scully Race has since become the highlight of this excellent biennial event. For our Breton cousins, who are altogether more in touch with their maritime heritage, ‘godiller’ (as they call it) is second nature and so the Bretons have had the upper hand to date –Mais faites attention, mes cousins. Nous y arriverons!

Jumbo Racing

As you may have gathered, most of our activities include an element of theatre. Jumbo Racing is no exception. The race begins with both boats on their moorings, ‘Le Mans-style’. This ensures the Jumbos have an even chance (there being only two ) and provides a better view for spectators. An outsized replica cannon for the start and finish more than makes up for the modest size of our current jumbo fleet adding to the excitement. Ears ringing from the blast and protesting gulls, the smoke clears to reveal the two jumbos frantically making sail. Casting moorings aside, they reach neck and neck out of the harbour… In order to provide everyone a better view, the Jumbos return to the harbour for the finish – an imaginary line between the pierheads.

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