The auction, held at the Tate Gallery on Sat 18th April, was a great success which  despite these economic hardtimes, and with the help of auctioneer David Lay, raised £8600 towards the cost of the next jumbo currently under construction in Devon.
Clearly, we owe much to the Tate (who have bent over backwards to help us). The event has aroused much interest as a result of using this prestigious venue and has been widely covered by the regional press. Resounding endorsements were given by both the Mayor and Andrew George MP (see below)who spoke of the immense pride that the project had generated in the town. 
The names of the many artists and donors who contributed to this event are listed below as a tribute to their generous support: 
Ceramics:  David Leach (donated by his sister Jessamine Kendall),  William Marshall (donated by his widow Marjorie and daughter Jill), John Leach, Jeremy Leach, Clive Bowen, John Bedding, Rick Henman, Roelof Uys, Sarah Dunstan, Trevor Corser, Amanda Ray, Louise Thompson, Tim Andrews, Leach Pottery (historic work donated by Andy Christian and Alison,John and Margaret Baker; current work donated by director Julia Twomlow),Jack Doherty (lead potter) and students Michele Francoise and Jake Bodilly.
Sculpture:  Tom Clark, Ben Leach, Peter Ward (donated by Ken Corke), Jilly Sutton, Chinks Grylls, Breon O'Casey, Mark Penrose and Colin Spencer.
Paintings and prints: Alison Bevan (Penlee House), George Christie, Jessica Cooper, Sue Deakin, John Emanuel, Julie Eton, Anthony Harrison, Ingrid Hesling, Sax Impey, Heather Jansch, Theresa Jones, Andrew Lanyon, Matthew Lanyon, John Mason, Margaret Merry, Ben Nance, Sheila Oliner, Nick Park (Aardman), Brian Philips, Lynette Pierce, Michael Praed, Paul Riley, Sir Walter Wheatley Russel,  Martin Sadler, Jennie Thomas, Michael Tregunner, Sonya Walters, Eric Ward, Richard, Lucy and Tilly Willis and Judy Willoughby.
Jewellry and Fabrics: Julia Bond, Barbara Christie, Mary Davis, Charmian Harris and Jessamine Kendall.
An extract from our MP's website....

Jumbo Auction at Tate

Local MP, Andrew George, supported the St Ives Jumbo Project by attending a fundraising auction at the weekend which took place at the Tate Gallery in the town.

Mr George introduced the Auctioneer for the evening - fellow Helston School old boy David Lay - and congratulated Jonny Nance for his efforts. Mr Nance is a renowned boat builder and has already produced one replica of the St Ives Jumbo. Mr George also congratulated him for his work in promoting the community organisation which is encouraging the building of the second and subsequent replica of the traditional St Ives fishing boat.

The auction raised over £8,000 towards the project and a pot - a traditional cider jug with an inscription and decoration of an old St Ives lugger, the Water-lily, by his late father-in-law, the famous potter William Marshall, raised £1,250. This was donated by the family - William Marshall's wife, Marjorie and daughter Mrs Jill George (Mr George's wife). It was one of 78 works of art auctioned during the evening.

Mr George said, "The auction takes the project two thirds of the way towards the amount needed to build the second Jumbo. This is, of course, hard work, but worth while. It will provide an enormous fillip for the town."