'Celeste' and 'William Paynter' are back on their moorings in St.Ives harbour waiting to be taken sailing!


 The jumbos are back at their moorings. They are there for you to use!

However, for insurance reasons only paid-up members of the Association are permitted to sail aboard the jumbos. 
Membership is only £30 per annum (renewable in April 2019). Members will receive a credit card-sized waterproof membership card, a car sticker and a newsletter twice a year.                                       
Please fill in an application form and send it to our Membership Secretary with your £30 subscription to the address provided. Membership to include your immediate family is £60 per annum.    

(Please make your cheque payable to The St. Ives Jumbo Association).

Please note: You can now use your PayPal account.

This done, please call Peter Lee 07977 218782  to arrange a time. Let him know if yould like to join our text messaging service to facilitate assembling crews at short notice.


HOW TO SAIL A JUMBO.  (Phil Slater's helpful notes for any would-be skipper).